PINNED (2018)

Two crooks are looking for something or someone; when suddenly everything goes wrong.

Roles: Director, Actor, Editor.


A group of young men are hunting in the woods. When an unknown viral infection breaks out. 

Roles: Actor, Producer. 

DÉJÀ VU (2018)

Dave, a young business man is late for a meeting. He repeatedly attempts to leave a corridor, only to find himself back where he started. Some doors are best left closed!

Roles: Actor, Assistant Director.

IN THE DARK (2018)

After an assassination goes awry, a hitman finds himself in danger from his own employer.

Roles: Director, Actor, Editor.

WATCHER (2018)

When nightmares and reality blend together as one. The watcher enters. 

Roles: Actor


When a drug addict panics and kills a dealer, he must dispose of the body, with guilt weighing on his conscience.

Roles: Actor, Producer. 

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